Welcome to your new favorite place to find great pieces you will want to have in your closet immediately! We are located in a small town in Mid Missouri, but we have trends that will work anywhere in the country!  We promise to bring you the best fashion pieces, all the basics, and even some fun graphic tees to help you build your wardrobe.  We are passionate about fashion and want to provide you all with things you love that aren’t super pricey.  Here at Mid Mo Trends, we’ll show you what things look like, and different ways to wear them, because we know sometimes there are mornings that your brain needs a ton of coffee and some inspiration on what to wear!

Our Story

Dylana & Taylor are just two small town girls who have big time attitude, lots of fun with fashion, and want to share it with the world.  These two ladies actually met working in the retail industry.  The girls became friends faster than David Archuleta's music career.   They quickly found that working for a large corporation just wasn't their style, so these gals put two and two together and decide to collaborate a boutique of their own.  Here they are ready to spread the love, creativity, and a good time.  Welcome to Mid Mo Trends (Est, in 2019) & thanks for your business. 

Meet the Owners


Dylana was born and raised in Mid Missouri.  From the time she was small, she has always had a true love for bold fashion.  After high school Dylana pursued a Retail Marketing and Merchandising Degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia.  She graduate from Mizzou in the spring of 2018.  Dylana is also known for her passion for a quality, comfortable shoe, she is dedicated and excited to bring her customers the absolute best footwear while not sacrificing the fashion aspect of the shoe.  In her free time Dylana loves playing with her cats Remy and Maizie Dot and binge watching Netflix and/or Hulu.  

Taylor was born and raised in North Missouri.  She met the love of her life (aka college baseball hottie) at the end of her senior year of high school and eventually married him 3 years later.  She and her husband moved back to his hometown located in Mid Missouri.  The two now live happily in the middle of nowhere with their Goldendoodle, Rosco.  Taylor has a major love for a good graphic tee; she has a strong passion for dressing up casual pieces.  When Taylor is not working at Mid Mo Trends she spends her time chasing Rosco around, baking sweet treats for her hubby and cooking up homemade meals.  Taylor is a recent graduate from the University of Central Missouri.   

Dylana & Taylor would like to thank you from the bottom of their hearts.  Whether you buy our product, like a photo, recommend us to a friend, or just leave a positive review on social media, we'd like to say THANK YOU.  Your support means the world and we could not be more grateful for such amazing customers.  You are helping us make our dreams come true!! 

Thank you.